We help individuals in Newcastle or around Australia navigate the complexities of superannuation and demonstrate the tax benefits that can come from managing your own SMSF.

Are you a business owner and paying rent to an unrelated landlord or do you already own your commercial premises?

Have you ever considered taking control of your superannuation in preparation for your future retirement?

Establishing an SMSF allows you to acquire commercial property and take control of your superannuation as well as other significant benefits. Let us review your group/family structure and explain the benefits in potential tax effective savings that an SMSF can provide you, thereby increasing your wealth and retirement opportunities.

Our SMSF service includes:

  • Annual compliance and tax obligations
  • Arranging the annual audit on your behalf
  • Implementation of tax and retirement strategies in consultation with your Financial Planner
  • Assistance with document preparation eg. tax deductible contributions, pension and lump sum withdrawals
  • Informative advice and education covering Estate planning including what happens to your superannuation balance upon your passing.